Terminal Wanderlust: TSA

The first instalment from the upcoming book ‘TERMINAL WANDERLUST.’ Enjoy!


I am so sorry
My intentions were to fly from you
Yet no circumstance would allow
Instead, I visit you like a monk beneath a silent vow

I love the way you’re there in the midst of town
And your flight path cuts across the art centre lawn
With the sunshine draping planes like an ultraviolet dressing gown
Fit for arrival at the best little airport around

I love the way you cater for us air-geeks
In the way the majors don’t without a yawn
With your open plan views and Mr Brown coffee umbrellas
I’m standing drenched yet yearning for more

But what the heck, You’re special Songshan

I love the way you educate
With airline models and notes about the planes
And a mural of them and their destinations
That leaves little to be explained

I love the way you’re Asian; cute and petite
Endearing yourself with an intelligent library
That will never let me leave

But for all your wonderment I am still sad
A sadness that cannot be reprieved
Now I must say goodbye kitty, ANA, JAL and FAT
I am so sorry.

Copyright remains with the author.

2 thoughts on “Terminal Wanderlust: TSA

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