Zagreb: A Broken Relationship Blooms

My first few hours in Zagreb are lost to my own misadventure seeking accommodation closer to the station until my common sense returns me to my original choice (Hostel Shappy). Zagreb train station is one of the best equipped for tourist info, certainly a step up from some of the cities I’ve visited this year. It […]

Ljubljana: Clean Slovene

If Yugoslavia hadn’t disintegrated during the nineties, I probably wouldn’t have heard of Ljubljana. As it is I now have no less than eight countries to visit, no easy task as the travel options between them vary from easy to difficult to non-existent e.g cancelled trains, and coaches that arrive in the early hours and […]

Bratislava: Red Trams, Red Lanterns

Red is the colour of Wales, and of many other countries including that of my now former home China. I suppose the adage ‘you can take the boy out of China but you can’t take China out of the boy’ seems correct and I continue to be intrigued by Europe’s Chinese diaspora. What led them to […]

Cluj-Napoca: Transylvania Calling

Somewhere in the midst of my wanderlust came my first visit to Romania. It’s one of those times I have to omit the capital as Bucharest lies deep in the south east and so on my geographic path toward Moldova I journey via an inexorably slow train to the heart of Transylvania. Getting off it proves […]

Budapest: Subway Glances

BERNINA, BERNINA… If you can remember that jingle then you’ll remember the seventies and it’s that which instantly came to mind on my recent visit to Budapest. In my last blog I mentioned the nostalgic beauty of the Budapest Metro; primary coloured plastic seats fit for Miffy and friends. I am mid-travels at the moment […]