I have been fortunate enough to work with the following companies…



South China Normal University needed a teacher to teach oral and written English and Cultural Communications. I was able to meet this requirement through being a qualified TESOL teacher and being a published writer (see below). They were happy with my professional work ethic and that my schedule was unhindered by days off.

USAD (China) needed an experienced teacher to judge the quality of Chinese speakers in their day long competition in a Guangzhou hotel. Although it was my holiday (between teaching semesters) it was no trouble to partake in this unique event helping them and their students attain a higher level of spoken English.

New Oriental in Shenzhen were looking for a way of communicating with western teachers to replace the photocopied paper they were handing out. My brochure comprehensively dealt with the problem, outlining where branches were and how to get there.



All Music Guide needed review and biographic content on music artists. I submitted ideas on lesser known or underrated artists that were not covered and AMG commissioned me to write what they wanted. This was done remotely and helped them fill the gaps in their website making them a ‘go to’ resource for music lovers. Some examples made it to their physical book releases.

Global Blue needed a photographer on the ground to shoot Istanbul fashion week. This is not my usual remit or comfort zone but I was able to take on and successfully cover this opportunity, submitting my photos to them before their deadline. 

Chinese media company Guangdong Today wanted articles from a foreigner perspective on cities in the Guangdong province. I was able to supply existing content to them and also guested at one of their cultural events. A unique media company and experience for both parties.