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Regretfully, this is a directory only and it’s unknown if some of the publications listed by outside publishers, still exist. Some of the poems appear in several publications; official or otherwise. Some of my work is carried by libraries, mostly in the UK and New Zealand.


*at the time of writing (2019) I am having technical issues with both Amazon and PayPal so I’d say if you do want to purchase any of the books listed please contact me directly on any of the channels listed on the about page. Thanks for your understanding.
A Lyrical Oasis. April 1997. (e-book August 2009). AVAILABLE
Notate. October 2000. (e-book October 2009). AVAILABLE
Voyage of Nomad. August 2001. (e-book August 2011). AVAILABLE
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Returning/Repeating. March 2003. DELETED
Circles and Bumps. September 2004. (e-book September 2009). DELETED *now part of Terminal Wanderlust.
TEMP such is life. October 2005 (UK) / February 2006 (Australia/New Zealand). DELETED
Beats Per Minute. September 2008. (e-book only). AVAILABLE
– read Beautiful and Cruel
Because of SE (also known as SE). November 2009. (e-book only). AVAILABLE
Year Amid Winter. Originally released as a series of blogs January – July 2012. (the e-book version was released in February 2015). Chapters: Oxford/Auckland/Istanbul. AVAILABLE
– read excerpt
Terminal Wanderlust. September 2014. AVAILABLE
– read poem TSA
– read poem LHR
House of Many Faces. tba.
– read Bangkok
– read Beijing
– read excerpts
Iberia Unknown. tba.


First Light. February 1995. not commercially released.
Introducing. 10 poem compilation. March 1998. deleted.
Calvino Suite. 4 poem homage to Italo Calvino. November 1998. deleted.
Mezzanine Smile. 9 poem ep. March 1999. deleted.
Unshine. Compilation of work 1995 – 2000. December 2003. deleted.
Symposium of Empty Envelopes (poems 1992-2007). April 2007. (e-book)
Night Music. November 2015. not commercially released.
Dating the Page. tba.
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South Wales Argus. November 1996.
Kindred Spirit. February 1999.
Rip it Up (New Zealand). 2001 – 2003.
All Music Guide to Electronica. May 2001.
All Music Guide to Rock. May 2002.
Rough Guide to Wales. June 2003.
All Music Guide to Soul. October 2003.
Lonely Planet (Wales). May 2004.
Ubizy Magazine. May 2008.
Blue Tattoo Issue 5. May 2008.
Record Collector August Issue. July 2008.
Hot Shoe International. November 2009.
Gallery 36 Magazine. May 2010.
Visit Wales. Photo shortlisted. 2010. *month unknown.
M2 Magazine. October/November and Tech Issues 2010.
The Travel Editor. January 2011 – October 2012. *went bust.
Time Out (Istanbul). April 2011.
FRV Magazine. December 2011 – January 2012.
Oryx (Qatar Airways inflight magazine). February 2012.
China Daily. January 2013.
Design Assembly (New Zealand). March 2013.
BBC Travel. Cafe pictures 2014. *month unknown.
GD Today/News GD. January 2017.
Living Magazines. July 2018.
The Gibraltar Magazine. July 2019.


Through Glass with Peter Kingsbery (Cock Robin). August 2013. Not commercially available.
Songs with O Atlas. November 2007.
*You can hear all of these on my Soundcloud page.