Kunming: China’s Finest Eurasian City

Do you like Turkey (as in the country)? But you still love China too right? Well look no further than Kunming, a city so similar to my time in Istanbul I almost expected to see those horrific yellow signs for the first school I ever taught in. Mercifully this did not eventuate and my life […]

Guangzhou: Night Poems and Idyllic Afternoons

Last year I put together a collection of old poems under the book banner NIGHT MUSIC. Not long ago in┬áneed of some exercise I set off into the night to capture what is in essence a Night Music of sorts, only this time utilising photography as its central focus. Perhaps night stories or night poems […]

Motherland/Fatherland: Celebrating the Chinese and German National Holidays

Wishing all my Chinese friends a happy and harmonious National Day and holiday. You can be sure that for me, travel won’t feature as anyone who has been resident in China or visited this vast country during a holiday period knows; travel is not advisable due to the swathes of people crowding all known transport […]