Shanghai: Transport to the Max!

Apart from my woes with accommodation Shanghai boasts some amazing museums. The Urban Planning Exhibition Center (US spelling as per its leaflet) in People’s Square is incredible and the somewhat low key effort dedicated to the Maglev (Magnetic Levitation Train) is great yet hard to find with no signage – a problem in China all […]

Shanghai: No Room for Foreigners!

Shanghai is the biggest city in China and hence its most multi-cultural. It feels like New York with Chinese subtitles. I survived one freezing day there in early 2012 on my way down to Shenzhen. With Japan eluding me yet again it seemed Shanghai was due a second glance. So I picked a date, the 9th, […]

Remembering Switzerland

Not one of my biggest players on the blog (compared to Germany or France) but nevertheless Happy Birthday Switzerland! It was 10 years ago that I visited following on from Berlin the month previous. Trying hard NOT to think of TOBLERONE right now as I nibble my fingers instead. The poem GVA appears in Terminal Wanderlust […]