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I am also an educator teaching the more cultural side of English and also Inter-Cultural Communications. In six years I’ve taught kids and adults, however feel I am better suited to university level. Most of my educative experience has been in Asia.

Last year, inspired by Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, I devised nHW (non homework) and nEXAM (non exam) as a means to alleviate stress in my students who I feel get too much homework and not enough space to develop their inter-personal skills. The added intention was to expand their thinking somewhat. In addition I agree with Edward deBono that universities need to be more than just enclosed spaces of knowledge and that thinking should be a subject in its own right. My ultimate goal would be the option to teach art at foundation level or continue with TESOL.

I am available to teach worldwide but prefer a physical space than online teaching. I also prefer a .edu or .ac email. If you are from a legitimate educational establishment and want to get in touch please contact me on…
E-mail: kelvinhayesglobal(at)yahoo(dot)com
SKYPE: kelvin hayes global creative and educator
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