Tears For Fears: Before and After Love

In early 1983, unaware of Mad World which I had missed through the vortex of global relocation (from NZ back to the UK), my first meeting with Tears for Fears came with Change; an energetic marimba driven song with lyrics both cool as they are obscure: ‘You walked in to the room, I just had to […]

London: Nostalgia in the Now

Nostalgia hangs thick in the air of the UK and especially with London. When I return to my spiritual home (Heathrow) literally a city within a city, a Vatican for avgeeks, I find British Airways are not only still flying the jumbo but some are in retro colour schemes recalling 1983 (Negus & Negus designed […]

Lisbon: Here at the Western World

*Due to unforeseen circumstances this is not the blog I envisioned, something on par and as detailed as my Helsinki blog – still one of my faves which deserves more eyes and curious minds. As for Lisboa, I’ve had to cobble together a piece as best I can from my notes on this my sophomore visit to […]