SPECIAL: Meeting Peter Kingsbery

This blog is being converted into the COCK ROBIN E-BOOK ‘TO THE FAR EDGE OF TIME.’ Contact me if you want to be kept informed of its progress. Your privacy will be highly regarded, I have no interest in using it for other purposes. Thankyou, KH.    

Voyage of Nomad: EPUB Coming Soon…

It has been my intention to monetise the blog for some time by introducing e-commerce. The most commercially viable books are the travel memoirs so I’ll be starting with VOYAGE OF NOMAD. Converting it to EPUB has seen a fair few headaches but I’m almost done. In addition, for formatting reasons the poetry books when […]

Teaching English Abroad: Which Countries Require Notaries?

I’ve read many TESOL articles that make it sound like a rosy and easy job in which to see the world. The reason I myself signed up (if I’m honest). However, the rude awakening soon follows. Beware these eye-catching traps. ‘Teach English and Travel the World’ ‘FREE flight and apartment’ ‘Degree from any background’ Firstly, […]

Warsaw: New!

Brexit Britain was officially abandoned with one cool swipe of my passport at Euro Tunnel. In just over 35 minutes I’d be across or rather under the channel, home and dry yet far from out of the woods. Over a day rolling across just four countries is agonisingly slow by anyone’s standards until finally the […]