Guangzhou: Adventures in the Fog Delta

It’s said that the fog in London can be thick as pea soup though I reckon the Pearl River Delta can give it a run for its money. March is the doldrums for weather in Guangzhou. Pulling the curtains back each day reveals a white canvas enveloping much of the terrain before me. Only once […]

Who Killed the New Gold Dream?

In our teenage years we are further shaped by the culture around us: books, movies and especially in my case: music. My generation had music of atmosphere, mystery and intrigue. Arcadia, David Sylvian, New Order, This Mortal Coil and the 4AD label. It was looking to the future… The Human League dared us, OMD dazzled […]

Culture: Does Apple do Location Independent?

Apple is a brand which trades on the ‘cool’ factor: ‘look at us, aren’t we great?’ They have been successful in making people think their products are so good they are essential, manufacturing ever more beautiful and lighter machines fit for easy travel but not it seems for those of us whom opt for a location […]