Sounds of the Seventies

Although it isn’t my era in the way the eighties is, it did deliver some beauties. Here’s a quick run through and not necessarily by my faves. 1 XTC – MAKING PLANS FOR NIGEL Released in ’79, the first thing that caught my attention was the drum sound, unusually crisp for the time and I […]

Song Lists: Little River Band

Wellington.. New Zealand.. sometime in the late seventies.. you’ve perused pictures of the pink and white terraces in the museum and pondered why they no longer exist, you’ve seen Kramer vs Kramer and been bored and/or depressed out of your nine year old mind, you may also have wondered why the hell a small Toblerone […]

The Hopper Season 20

Can it really be 20 years since I produced possibly my finest set of visual work. The Hopper Season commenced in May 1995 and eventually comprised 52 images drawn between then and December. In short the idea was if Edward Hopper had been alive in South Wales at that time, what would he have made […]