Boom Crash Opera: Crazy Times in Ordinary Heaven

UK and European cover art for Great Wall 1988, I was young(er) and Australia was having a birthday. To celebrate we (in the UK) sent our DJ Simon Bates to cover it. More importantly he played the new clutch of Aussie bands that were aiming for international super stardom after INXS. There was Wa Wa […]

Gibraltar: The Key to Exclusivity!

Frontiers form a big part of my life. From the outset the bridges between Wales and England over the rivers Wye and the Severn cast an indelible symbol of escapism. Likewise in China when living in Shenzhen and staring across to the lesser known vistas of northern Hong Kong. I have crossed many borders on […]

Ciudad Real: In Search of Don Quixote 

*Unfortunately due to its location I wasn’t able to get to the airport for a personal visit so I’ve had to use stock imagery and video instead. While Kai Tak, Old Baiyun and Hellinikon were bonafide airport’s with a long history, Central Spain’s Don Quixote barely got off the starting blocks. In what must be one […]

Orihuela: The Murals of San Isidro

1976 was a period of great change and renewal around the world (Punk in the UK, the death of Mao Zedong in China and the death of Francisco Franco in Spain the previous year). I have been based in the latter since late 2018 and have been grateful for the fascinating journey it has given […]

Elche: Original Motion Picture

The world is littered with geographically close cities that in appearance and mood are worlds apart Newport and Cardiff, Bristol and Bath, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Copenhagen and Malmo. Some of those were visited pre-blog. However, in this case, it’s Alicante and Elche (or Elx if you give it its Valencian name). […]

Books: Why Cities Look the Way They Do

I don’t often cover things from a press release however what with my interest in cities this one intrigued me so here goes. Chapters cover: Money, Power, Sex, Work, War and Culture but we start with the all important intro. Granted this is not a literal ‘Why Cities Look The Way They Do’ so don’t […]

Culture: Which Way is Duranistan?

“Duran Duran is not a band, it’s a place” – unknown quote circa 1986/87 “’s the national flag of Duran Duran” – quote by John Taylor both from Smash Hits issue 219 April/May 1987 It seems unfathomable that I’ve never produced a piece on Duran Duran given this blog’s cultural stance on the new wave. I […]