John Foxx: In the Quiet Space – An Appreciation

As part of my ongoing Song Lists project, I produced a study of recordings by English (mostly electronic) musician John Foxx. My personal history of him stems back to my trusty Rock Encyclopedia in my youth. I was intrigued by a band called Japan. A picture shot with a pink filter was accompanied by text […]

Remember That Night? Every Gig I Ever Attended (…and those that got away)

HOWARD JONES, DREAM INTO ACTION TOUR, HORDERN PAVILION, SYDNEY, AUG 1985 Who Supported? The Expression Having missed Icehouse in Wellington a few years’ previous – see regrets below – and Tears For Fears (they played the night of the day I arrived) spewing was not the word! I settled on HoJo who was on album […]

Shenzhen: If You Can See the Magic

‘Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.’ – Camille Pissarro What is it that first attracts us to a city, or rather a specific area of it? For me, it’s usually the part that I first become familiar with. In London it’s Earl’s Court, in Barcelona it’s […]