John Foxx: In the Quiet Space – An Appreciation

As part of my ongoing Song Lists project, I produced a study of recordings by English (mostly electronic) musician John Foxx. My personal history of him stems back to my trusty Rock Encyclopedia in my youth. Read the whole article on KULTURE KIOSK.  

Remember That Night? Every Gig I Ever Attended (…and those that got away)

HOWARD JONES, DREAM INTO ACTION TOUR, HORDERN PAVILION, SYDNEY, AUG 1985 Who Supported? The Expression Having missed Icehouse in Wellington a few years’ previous – see regrets below – and Tears For Fears (they played the night of the day I arrived) spewing was not the word! I settled on HoJo who was on album […]

Shenzhen: If You Can See the Magic

‘Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.’ – Camille Pissarro What is it that first attracts us to a city, or rather a specific area of it? For me, it’s usually the part that I first become familiar with. In London it’s Earl’s Court, in Barcelona it’s […]