What Defines a Country?

Hello all, first off – a big thanks to those who have chosen to ‘follow’ me. Recently I visited my 30th country and while it was not quite the milestone I had hoped for, it does lend itself nicely and coincidentally (as it’s the 30th) to this brief blog. What makes a country a country? The […]

Remember That Flight? Every Airline I’ve Ever Flown With (so far…)

1 COURT LINE Luton – Barcelona – Luton. It was the 70s, and airlines were getting funky with their colour schemes. Across the pond America’s Braniff flew planes in anything from Orange to Olive. At home Court line opted to do similar, with 3 tone pink, green and in this case yellow/apricot and orange. It […]

Auckland: Winter in the City of Sails

*When the blog began in 2013 its main focus was travel and I hastily posted everything I had from my unpaid writings for the Travel Editor. Since then the blog has evolved into a culture blog as so many are doing travel. I give a personal yet – I hope – educative perspective on a […]

Bangkok: Ibis Sathorn

My first interlude at the Ibis was in Paris in autumn, 1995 (doesn’t that sound romantic?). Though far from the centre it was, dare I say it, affordable and in that genre, you can’t beat the Ibis. It does its job impeccably well which is thankfully why it’s still here. Part of the Accor group […]

Bangkok’s Terminal 21: Flight path for Worldwide Savvy Shoppers

If you thought that airports were shopping malls with planes attached, then Terminal 21 reverses the trend, becoming a destination in its own right. With over 600 stores, Terminal 21’s concept is to deliver floor by floor snapshots of world cities via familiar pop culture references that have imbued us over time. Expect to see […]

Barcelona: In Search of Amber Glass

There was amber glass and I was running down a corridor, up and down, back and forth. Only years later did I find this was no dream but the amber glass in question belonged to our hotel; separating the cool grey interior to the heat of a Spanish spring day outside. That was in 1973, suffice […]

What Happened to the World’s Favourite Airline?

Ordinarily I’d be excited about the ceremony of travelling to the airport and checking in for a flight. For me, Heathrow has and will always be, a magical place. It’s my first time travelling from Terminal 5 and despite all the bad press, the first time in 28 years I’ve elected to fly British Airways. […]