Make it Big!

In light of Simple Minds upcoming release BIG MUSIC, I thought I’d glance back at some of the other records that mention BIG in their titles, and it’s surprising how many are new wave or alternative artists from the eighties. As for Simple Minds themselves, I recall an article in Smash Hits where Jim Kerr […]

Song Lists: The Blue Nile

As we approach Scotland’s national day next month I thought it apt to put up a trilogy (here’s hoping I can finish the Simple Minds list in time) of Scotland’s finest with the Cocteau Twins rounding off the three. This is of course no mean feat from a country that boasts¬†The Big Dish, Love and […]

Time After Time: Reissuing the Reissues

Recently as part of my Song Lists series I covered Tears For Fears, a particular favourite of mine during my adolescence. While researching that I noticed that yet another reissue of their sophomore effort Songs From the Big Chair is due with no less than six discs and all manner of other paraphernalia attached to […]

Terminal Wanderlust: Released!

Hi all, just a quick note to say Terminal Wanderlust has finally made it, not to Amazon, but to Lulu as a mere PDF file but it’s up there for those who want to investigate. Also the original Circles and Bumps is now reduced to ¬£5 but you can of course get it together with […]