Eno: Some Suggestions (in Plain English)

2018 marks the 70th birthday of Brian Eno. It occurred to me that while he is often spoken about, written about and admired, there wasn’t really a generic overview of best bits; solo and collaborative, which as you may imagine is a formidable body of work, so here’s my take on things both sonic and visual. *disclaimer […]

Athens: Neither Empire nor Dance

PRELUDE: NOSTALGIA A long time ago in a land far away my world changed by witnessing a film which can only be described as heart wrenching. I refer to For the Love of Benji, a pooch so cute he (or in this case she as its played by one of his relations) is guaranteed to […]

Skopje: Mountains of Dawn

The light of dawn breaks over a neon cross on the hill as my train pulls into Skopje’s now ageing station elevated by design. It has seen better days but is still light years ahead of Belgrade’s decaying effort. From there stray dogs greet and follow me on my walk to my hostel. Elsewhere, Ferrell […]

Abbreviated Romantic

  And here is the more concise version, just the countries with no adjectives. AFRICA: ALGERIA – JJ72 Song of the same name by GNAWA DIFFUSION ANGOLA – CARL CRAIG AND PEPE BRADOCK Song of the same name by CESARIA EVORA and WAYNE SHORTER BENIN (nothing yet) BOTSWANA – ADJ BURKINA FASO – ATSUSHI YANO […]

The World is Romantic: Oceania

  Please see the introduction if you haven’t already. Alternatively read on… AUSTRALIA – KOALA Songs of the same name by GYROSCOPE, STEVE HOWE, JONAS BROTHERS, THE KINKS, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, MANGO and SHINS *The Manics song is neither atmospheric or about Australia but a namesake song nonetheless. BALLADEERS OF AUSTRALIA – SLIM DUSTY EVERY LITTLE […]

The World is Romantic: Europe

  Please see the introduction if you haven’t already. Alternatively read on… ALBANIA – GILDED YOUTH Song of the same name by JULIET JONESIN SYDAN ANDORRA – THE EAGLES (not the famed American band) *I had no idea there was a band from Bristol called The Eagles! ANDORRA STAR BLUES – CHRIS REA *Carabou’s album Andorra […]