Bratislava: Red Trams, Red Lanterns

Red is the colour of Wales, and of many other countries including that of my now former home China. I suppose the adage ‘you can take the boy out of China but you can’t take China out of the boy’ seems correct and I continue to be intrigued by Europe’s Chinese diaspora. What led them to […]

Cluj-Napoca: Transylvania Calling

Somewhere in the midst of my wanderlust came my first visit to Romania. It’s one of those times I have to omit the capital as Bucharest lies deep in the south east and so on my geographic path toward Moldova I journey via an inexorably slow train to the heart of Transylvania. Getting off it proves […]

Budapest: Subway Glances

BERNINA, BERNINA… If you can remember that jingle then you’ll remember the seventies and it’s that which instantly came to mind on my recent visit to Budapest. In my last blog I mentioned the nostalgic beauty of the Budapest Metro; primary coloured plastic seats fit for Miffy and friends. I am mid-travels at the moment […]

Budapest: Opulence, Flags and Pinball

In Guangzhou, a city of several million people I barely heard a police or ambulance siren. Two days in Budapest finds me near deafened by them. The cities Chinese restaurants are fantastic and their proprietors are somewhat surprised when I greet them with a ‘Ni Hao.’ By contrast to Warsaw, Budapest’s Chinese diaspora outnumbers the Vietnamese […]

Travel: What I Pack

Depending on whether it’s a short break or a full on global relocation I will pack accordingly. In the latter instance however my three bags are my home; a house on wheels (minus the proverbial kitchen sink). Changes to full service airline baggage rules means that I now need to reconfigure some of the contents […]

Chisinau: Forget Breakfast

I am from a place in Wales (or England – depending on where one stands politically speaking) called Monmouthshire, or is that Gwent? This counties complex history is fitting of Moldova – for centuries batted between neighbours Romania and Russia. The flag and language still owe a great deal to the former. Look on Google […]

50×50 Project

This summer I’ve managed to finally have a semblance of a holiday. This however doesn’t mean idly sitting on a beach, oh no, I have managed to whizz through five nine countries! All this means that give or take an official stance on say Wales or Taiwan, I’ve amassed 40 which begs the question: Can I […]