Subshine: Summer Shiny Pop Made Easy

A QUICK GUIDE TO NORSE POP Long ago in a kingdom east of the sun and west of the moon, three young men ventured to London and thence onto America. They saw, they conquered and subsequently became Kings in their homeland; thus a love affair with a-ha and Norway ensued. Soon after, the merits of […]

Suede: Catching Up with the Insatiable Ones

URBAN HYMNS OK, I was never into Brit-pop and as previously stated the nineties left me pretty much cold in terms of musical development in our humble isles (the UK). Recently in my local library I spotted (front man) Brett Anderson’s biog Coal Black Mornings and from there wanted to go back and listen to […]

Eno: Some Suggestions (in Plain English)

This blog was originally published on the eve of 2018 which marked the 70th birthday of Brian Eno. It occurred to me that while he is often spoken about, written about and admired, there wasn’t really a generic overview of best bits; solo and collaborative, which as you may imagine is a formidable body of work, so here’s […]

Time After Time: Reissuing the Reissues

HOW MANY SONGS DOES THE BIG CHAIR HAVE? Recently I discovered yet another reissue of Tears For Fears sophomore effort Songs From the Big Chair is due with no less than six discs and all manner of other paraphernalia attached to it in obligatory box. But why and why now? In a few months (March, […]

Ghost Albums

There are in the age-old battle between art and commerce, casualties. Here I detail some of the works that languished like shipwrecks in the record company vaults, unseen or heard for decades and in some cases not at all. PULL – MR MISTER For 20 years this album was stranded in limbo for no reason […]

Even in the Quietest Moments: Songs for a Rainy Day

This piece was originally written in Asia in 2014, so whether it’s a monsoon or a downpour, it remains that if you find yourself stuck indoors on such a day, here are some tunes that will imbue the vista before you. And yes, you’ll be able to tell I’m of a certain ilk and age […]