QUEEN: Why I like Hot Space!

OK, they are not new wave per sé, nor are they one of my fave bands, however buoyed by the recent movie named after that bloody song I wanted to take a look at this most maligned record. You only need to see the press conference in the film to see that no-one gave Hot […]

Voyage of Nomad: Press Release

In 1933 George Orwell released a seminal work called ‘Down & Out in Paris & London.’ This book detailed life for Orwell – a naïve young man on the road doing odd jobs and living in backpacker style residences of the day. I was not aware of Orwell’s book and didn’t read it until many years’ later. […]

SPECIAL: Meeting Peter Kingsbery

It has been nearly 30 years’ since I took the plunge and purchased American band Cock Robin’s ‘First Love, Last Rites’ for £3 from what was then Our Price records in my, more or less, hometown of Newport. As regular readers will note from my other blogs I have written extensively about both Peter and […]

Voyage of Nomad: EPUB Coming Soon…

It has been my intention to monetise the blog for some time by introducing e-commerce. The most commercially viable books are the travel memoirs so I’ll be starting with VOYAGE OF NOMAD. Converting it to EPUB has seen a fair few headaches but I’m almost done. In addition, for formatting reasons the poetry books when […]

Teaching English Abroad: Which Countries Require Notaries?

I’ve read many TESOL articles that make it sound like a rosy and easy job in which to see the world. The reason I myself signed up (if I’m honest). However, the rude awakening soon follows. Beware these eye-catching traps. ‘Teach English and Travel the World’ ‘FREE flight and apartment’ ‘Degree from any background’ Firstly, […]