Perry Blake: Songs of Faith and Devotion

DREAMING OF PRAISE Yes that title is intentionally ironic as much as the actual title Songs of Praise is. In my last Perry blog I suggested I’d rather see some art on his album sleeves and lo and behold he has done exactly that. It stands out like a sore thumb as much as Nomad […]

Beats Per Minute: Press Release

Original cover for the epk sent to various magazines. Five additional versions were produced for magazines in the USA, each featuring differing stories from the book. IT’S THE LONELINESS THAT’S THE KILLER Beats Per Minute is re-released this month, here’s the original press release from 2008… Who wants to do another poems book or travelogue […]

Beats Per Minute: Beautiful and Cruel

Well, this is it, as close as I get to ‘erotic’ writing (along with Italian Girlfriend) and named after No-Man’s song – God knows what Tim ‘neither Steve Davis or Benedict Cumberbatch’  Bowness will think of this (or for that matter Steven ‘Pantene Pro V’ Wilson), anyway without further ado I give you… BEAUTIFUL AND CRUEL A […]

Steve Jansen: Quiet Life Through Quiet Windows

BEYOND JAPAN When a band splits, it’s a little easier to see what one member brings to the table unless, that is, the band is JAPAN; a bunch of musicians as multi-faceted as their very existence. Drummer Steve Jansen’s history and output is no less complex. Indeed he is much much more than just a master […]