Beats Per Minute: Beautiful and Cruel

Well, this is it, as close as I get to ‘erotic’ writing (along with Italian Girlfriend) and named after No-Man’s song – God knows what Tim ‘neither Steve Davis or Benedict Cumberbatch’  Bowness will think of this (or for that matter Steven ‘Pantene Pro V’ Wilson), anyway without further ado I give you… BEAUTIFUL AND CRUEL A […]

SPECIAL: Beats Per Minute and A Lady of a Certain Age

Greetings from the streets of Gibraltar! I am getting a lot of requests for my 2008 book Beats Per Minute (ironically from the ladies that stop and talk to me). Ironic in that the book comprises short stories all named after songs dealing with rejection and unrequited love. An oddity in my bibliography, it was […]

A Lyrical Oasis: Press Release

Originally released in April 1997, A Lyrical Oasis is one of the best examples of a collection specifically written as a (near) sequential poetry book, owing much to the art and music that then inspired me during its creation (David Bomberg, Cocteau Twins, Peter Kingsbery etc). Writing commenced in the starving poet’s garret in Newport, […]

Paris: Memoir From the Past

Remembering November 2008, the last time (to date) I saw the one and only Paris. I had gone there as it had been a near decade since my prior run through in 2000 (detailed in my book Voyage of Nomad) and also to shoot pictures for Lonely Planet which in the end amounted to nothing. […]

Year Amid Winter: Press Release

Hello again and thanks to all those who have chosen to follow me here which I duly appreciate. The second book to be made available on my new store over on BIG CARTEL is Year Amid Winter. Originally released as a series of e-blogs in 2012 it got a release as a PDF ebook in 2015. […]

Voyage of Nomad: Press Release

In 1933 George Orwell released a seminal work called ‘Down & Out in Paris & London.’ This book detailed life for Orwell – a naïve young man on the road doing odd jobs and living in backpacker style residences of the day. I was not aware of Orwell’s book and didn’t read it until many years’ later. […]