Terminal Wanderlust: Details

terminal wanderlust cover

Originally released in 2004, Circles and Bumps is a series of poetic recollections about airports, flying, memory and travel. This September marks its 10th birthday, but that’s not all! This time it’s accompanied by new collection Terminal Wanderlust.

The book will be issued as a single volume of two parts (hopefully) on September 29 via Lulu. T1 Comprises the older Circles and Bumps while T2 features the all new compositions that make up Terminal Wanderlust. – his 10th book in a career spanning two decades so far.

Born out of a visit to Heathrow and written over a few days in London, Circles and Bumps found a more upbeat Kelvin Hayes and featured poems named after airport codes. AKL, LAX, LHR and WLG being among the strongest. A decade later and Hayes is still at it with new works such as DBX and TSA. Dubbed the ‘airport observations of an airpoet,’ some of the poems and promo images have already been published as a prelude to release on his official blog and on Flickr. 

Kelvin Hayes is also a travel journalist and photographer contributing to among others: BBC Travel, China Daily, Time Out Istanbul, Global Blue and Qatar Airways inflight magazine.

Full running order as per the blog below…



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