Terminal Wanderlust: LHR

The second instalment from TERMINAL WANDERLUST. Enjoy..


You drove me wild as a kid
A melting pot of culture, shape and colour
Local, global from everywhere
They’d flit

Still vivid memories

You were the city
As far as my tiny mind could travel
The Indian guy with turban and cigar
Now Uzi and police guard
Seems a pity

Still vivid memories

Perched on grass
Watching was a riot
Tridents and Tri-Star’s
Noisy bastards
Now it’s all fairly quiet

Still vivid memories

Flying towards you
Vapour trails spread wide
Until our time to land
Always grey skied
Varying in temp
Moderate to mild

Still vivid memories

You’re the king
A monarch of travel
Temple of people flow
Embarrassingly English
Wood chip wallpaper
WH Smith on show

Still vivid memories

Even though Cardiff
My local, it’s you I know
Like a slut doing the dirty
Throwing myself so flirty
Like a hot towel
Dangled from tongs
Like the earphones
Without the song
Like the ‘Chicken or the fish sir’
It won’t be long

More vivid memories

Copyright belongs to the author.

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