Brussels: Days of Future Past

In 2000 I dismissed Belgium and its capital as nothing less than nowhere ville and spent most of my four hours waiting for a bus to Paris at the down and dirty north station. 18 years’ later and it’s still grim. Full of drunks, the homeless (other than nomadic me) and armed police. If not […]

Barcelona: Garden Recalled

The clock ticks forward; complex and constant, friend and foe. Andorra is caught between two countries and two towns. France and Spain, Toulouse and Barcelona. As the latter is my first international city I swing round for my third visit and after my night of purgatory at El Prat’s T2, knew just where to go. […]

Biarritz: Cote de Misery

Biarritz is beautiful but if you happen to be on a budget in winter be mindful of the fact it is completely and totally inept! The (Flix)bus drops me on a road, no sign of tourist info. Fortunately I manage to acquire some informations on its whereabouts by asking a local in rustic French and it’s […]

Bilbao: Bold as Basque

Is it Dublin? Is it Pontypool? With all this white sky, its liquid fill and frequent spill you’d certainly think so but whatever it is, I like it. Aside the weather which I’m forewarned about Bilbao ticks many boxes; cool metro system, elder folk having a coffee and chin wag at traditional European cafes, Art […]

Pamplona: Camino Country

In China I’m sent a link to a movie by one of my former students. ‘The Way’ charts a journey across northern Spain by the way of St James, otherwise known as the Camino de Santiago. Ever since seeing the film I’ve been smitten with the idea of doing the walk though it requires much […]