Remembering Switzerland

Not one of my biggest players on the blog (compared to Germany or France) but nevertheless Happy Birthday Switzerland! It was 10 years ago that I visited following on from Berlin the month previous. Trying hard NOT to think of TOBLERONE right now as I nibble my fingers instead. The poem GVA appears in Terminal Wanderlust […]

Beijing: Slow Train to Winter

  A while ago I posted a blog called Bangkok: Bladerunner by Daylight. Well as you probably guessed Thailand didn’t work out and I instead ventured forward to China. December marks my fourth year in this vast and fascinating country so here is an excerpt from the upcoming book about my first port of call, […]

Nomad Italia

It was 15 years ago that I visited the land of Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Roma, Pompeii not to mention pasta, pizza etc… The visit also marked my 30th birthday and in my haste I  failed to photograph the digital display I chanced upon in Roma showing the date 1 SETTEMBRE 2000. My path took me elsewhere […]

Shenzhen: Pictures from the Nanhai Hilton

My thanks to Hilton Hotels for allowing me to shoot their fantastic new property. If you like my images and want me to cover your hotel please contact me here. So far I’ve covered properties mainly in South-East Asia (China/Hong Kong/Taiwan), Thailand, Malaysia, Wales and Belgium. Please check my HOTELS PORTFOLIO over on Flickr: Hilton Shenzhen Shekou […]

Shenzhen: Swiftly Surging Skyward

Two years after a change in visa rules forced my departure, I return for a 24 hour look at China’s fourth city and my favourite so far. At the risk of sounding pompous, if it is possible to have a love affair with a city other than Paris and my own capital Cardiff, Shenzhen is […]

Song Lists: Little River Band

Wellington.. New Zealand.. sometime in the late seventies.. you’ve perused pictures of the pink and white terraces in the museum and pondered why they no longer exist, you’ve seen Kramer vs Kramer and been bored and/or depressed out of your nine year old mind, you may also have wondered why the hell a small Toblerone […]