Poem: TSA

The first instalment from the upcoming book ‘TERMINAL WANDERLUST.’ Enjoy! TSA I am so sorry My intentions were to fly from you Yet no circumstance would allow Instead, I visit you like a monk beneath a silent vow I love the way you’re there in the midst of town And your flight path cuts across […]

Where in the World?

As it’s my 50th blog, it seemed a good time to assess where I’ve been and my wish list of things to come… So far I have been very fortunate to venture far and wide. I never take anything for granted and remain grateful for all I’ve seen. However, at the risk of sounding blasé, […]

Taipei’s classy eateries for budget nomads

Being a freelance writer and creative is great save the infrequent and often low salary. This means I am reliant on searching out cheap eats, other than just McDonald’s which contrary to negative press are useful, the 7-11 and street eats which range from chicken to ‘god knows what on a stick’ as one of […]

Taipei: Café Wien and the Art of Hobby Coffee

   Minquan W Station on Taipei’s MRT system is not immediately associated with cool cafés. It also boasts around 6 different exits so finding the petite Café Wien set back from the main road on a subdued lane of Fushan St was a bit of a fluke by navigational error. This petite enclave of calm […]

Taipei: My Sweetie Pie (Café)

Incognito and tipped off by another expat, I’ve ventured to the Shida Road, renowned for its cafés, in search of Grandma Nitti’s and another joint called Friendly Mafia. I find both but better still I find My Sweetie Pie and I don’t mean a lame dame, no I mean a café with lots of light […]

Taipei: Pao Pu Café

  The Pao Pu café is reminiscent of the McDonald’s from Woody Allen’s futurist feature Sleeper. It has crisp white walls and an outer lying trough of clear water which is thankfully devoid of the rather mundane normality of having a school of Koi float around in it. In their place; pebbles. Keeping Allen in mind […]