Shenzhen: Making a Pig’s Ear of Spring

After kicking off the year with many visits to regional Guangdong it was time to re-aquaint myself with the one and only Shenzhen, the city that still holds a special place for me even though I’ve now lived longer in Guangzhou. This time I try something different which is to catch a bus. Having discovered the joys […]

Shenzhen: Swiftly Surging Skyward

Two years after a change in visa rules forced my departure, I return for a 24 hour look at China’s fourth city and my favourite so far. At the risk of sounding pompous, if it is possible to have a love affair with a city other than Paris and my own capital Cardiff, Shenzhen is […]

Shenzhen-Taipei: A Shift in the Weather

So I was being forced from the city I love due to a change in visa rules. Having renewed said visa in HK  I get back home to Shenzhen to find that it was all a waste of time and money as the Chinese have decided to shift the goalposts. Understandable in many ways but […]

Singing Shenzhen’s Praises: The Art of Accidental Happiness

  To some, Shenzhen may be nothing more than a grey town best seen as a blur from a train or a pit stop between its neighbours Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Some say it’s trying too hard to be like the former with an endless array of glitzy shopping malls. Some say there’s no history […]

Shenzhen: Pictures from the Origo Café

For those of you who like your café experience quirky, arty and fun as well as classy and unique, here are some images from one of the new editions to the Shenzhen scene. Café Origo is located in Shekou’s NH Cool. Metro: Shuiwan or Sea World. (There are other cafés and bars in the same […]