SPECIAL: Notre Dame

What is the value of a society unable to preserve and transmit its most precious asset?! – Jacques Attali (French Economist and Writer) Sad to hear about the fire at Notre Dame over the last couple of days. I’m grateful to have seen it/her in its/her original state during my brief tenure at George Whitman’s […]

Nomad Unleashed!

The 10th anniversary edition of Nomad finally gets its release on Lulu – only 3 years late, stay tuned for more book activity in the new year. http://www.lulu.com/shop/kelvin-hayes/voyage-of-nomad/ebook/product-21958030.html

14th of July: In Praise of France

Salut! To those of you tuning in from France. Currently my 5th ranking country (according to the stats anyway). And long may that continue! I have been very fortunate to visit France on no less than 6 occasions, the last of which (to Paris) was coincidently 6 years ago in the autumn of 2008; shooting […]