Cardiff: Kizuna Japan Design Exhibition

Having always had a thing for JAPAN (the country as well as the band) my timing back home could not have been better for the KIZUNA design exhibition at the National Museum. Kizuna meaning a bond or link between people relates to the relationship between Wales and Japan whose connections date back at least 400 […]

Winter and the Art of Promo

  A little about these two images. These are not book covers per sé but more so promo images yet not quite posters either. So what are they then? Well.. going back to the late eighties and early nineties and being an avid collector of records, I was somewhat blessed to be in a time where […]

Around the World in 20 Plays…

1RIO (ALBUM), DURAN DURAN Tel Aviv (the closer on their début), signalled things to come. The RIO album would in time become iconic of the 80s and it’s no secret the band at that point were heavily influenced by fellow British band Japan; check out John Taylor’s fretless bass on the hugely underrated Lonely in […]