No-Man: Urban Disco

Dry Cleaning Ray: Sydenham Road back in the nineties and right, in 2019  Near the end of 1988, Steven suggested that no-man become the main musical focus for both of us, So in October 1988 I headed Dick Whittington style to the nation’s capital (sans cat). – from Tim’s Speak blog (abbreviated mix by moi)… […]

Tim Bowness: Flowers for Ghosts

The new album cover by Jarrod Gosling, and Paul Buchanan Tim modelling the new Reiss collection ..just kidding! Every artist has their themes and these sometimes stay with them throughout their careers. Flowers and Ghosts are hence regular guests in the Tim Bowness catalogue: Flowermouth, Say it with Flowers, Animal Ghost, Schoolyard Ghosts, Lost in the […]

Tim Bowness: Catching Up with the Velvet Ghost

*It would be difficult to discuss Tim’s output without mentioning No-Man and some of his collaborative efforts. I mentioned being on the road since 1999 and it’s that year I met Tim at the now defunct 12 Bar Club in London’s Denmark Street where I also briefly chat to Steve Jansen and Peter Chilvers. I’ve not […]

Barcelona: Music for Libraries

*above photos from Nou Barris library Barcelona possesses some pretty swanky libraries and some great pieces which given time I’ll get round to listening to (obviously I know the debut Duran album above) but there’s much to bathe my ears in – time and decent headphones permitting. Here’s a quick rundown of the libraries I’ve […]

An Eighties Kids’ Dream Team Drummers

Why Drummers? Well, it’s the instrument most connected to me I suppose. Here are ten who were important to me growing up. Whilst dreaming of being a musician, I never made it (see the blog about my books below). For whatever reason circumstance did not align. For this piece I wanted to keep things simple. […]