Notate and the autumn of 2000

  Nostalgia makes the autumn of fifteen years ago seem a serenely magical place yet it was if anything fraught with frenetic tension combining nowhere to live, a non-career and turning 30. I was just back from Italy and needed to finish my second book with only four days to do it. I did but was […]

St David, the Big Chair and the Life Machine

Bit of a special one today. First off, happy St David’s Day to anyone Welsh (and any Welsh admirers around the world) tuning in. If you don’t know, it is the national day of and for Wales. I expect the usual parade of a few druids marching around a damp Cardiff is still the highlight […]

Winter Marches On

Coming Soon…

Season’s Greetings…

What happened to Travel?

As you can see the music writing is coming thick and fast at the moment, particularly with the colour-sound song lists taking up much of my time. Other than that, I teach English and Western Culture in China and as I’m the only writing teacher with 415 students, thinking up lesson plans and marking takes […]

Auckland: Top 10

1 SKYTOWER Going sky high is a great way to greet Auckland, get your bearings and map out what to do and where to go next. Besides the obligatory coffee, you can go for a skywalk in a bright orange jump suit and if need be jump off it courtesy of the Skytower’s own bungy! […]