Process Not Product #6: Screenshots

As mentioned previously, this year I’ve been busy piecing together the 30 year overview ‘Dating the Page.’ Despite much of it being existing material it is an expansive project and has proven very taxing to put together. It is the first time I’ve put imagery with my poems, many of which have been retouched for this […]

Process Not Product #4: Test

It isn’t all about the book content, there is of course the artwork; what should go on the cover and in what colour? As noted previously the idea or concept of artwork usually comes quite early. Red Abyss (now known as House of Many Faces) has bucked this trend somewhat. In Taipei a few years’ […]

Process Not Product #2: Titles

Titles are plentiful, so much so that I don’t know what to do with them all. Shifting Focus, System and Chance, Dating the Page, House of Many Faces and Auxiliary Machine are all mooted, it’s just a question of for what and when. Back in the day it was simple. Write a book usually as […]

Night Music: Press

Night Music collects for the first time all the Kelvin Hayes poems inspired by song such as Quiet Night of Quiet Stars (Getz/Gilberto), Foreshadowed (Budd/Eno) and Dark Water, one of several taking its cue from guitar legend Robert Fripp. Included for the first time is Through Glass, his collaboration with Cock Robin singer Peter Kingsbery […]

Year Amid Winter: Details

‘YEAR AMID WINTER’ is the new old book from Kelvin Hayes. Initially released in 2012 as a series of free blogs it now gets its first proper release. “The reason for the former approach was that I was really bored of working on a book for a year or more and sending out press to […]

Winter and the Art of Promo

  A little about these two images. These are not book covers per sé but more so promo images yet not quite posters either. So what are they then? Well.. going back to the late eighties and early nineties and being an avid collector of records, I was somewhat blessed to be in a time where […]