Hodgkin in Hong Kong

This year marks the 40th anniversary of my first visit to Hong Kong when the tap water was brown and green and white stripy Tristars perilously glided into Kai Tak. Apparently it is also the length of time some local collectors have been purchasing Howard Hodgkin paintings. Taking that into consideration it is astonishing to […]

John Foxx: In the Quiet Space – an appreciation

As part of my ongoing Song Lists project, I produced a study of recordings by English (mostly electronic) musician John Foxx. My personal history of him stems back to my trusty Rock Encyclopedia in my youth. I was intrigued by a band called Japan. A picture shot with a pink filter was accompanied by text […]

Process Not Product #4: Test

It isn’t all about the book content, there is of course the artwork; what should go on the cover and in what colour? As noted previously the idea or concept of artwork usually comes quite early. Red Abyss (now known as House of Many Faces) has bucked this trend somewhat. In Taipei a few years’ […]

Song Lists Special: UK and Ireland National Day’s

  We are running up to St George’s Day which means it is the turn of the English on the Song List National Days. To recap I started with SCOTLAND who were represented by Simple Minds, Cocteau Twins and The Blue Nile. https://kelvinhayesofficial.wordpress.com/2014/11/25/song-lists-simple-minds/ https://kelvinhayesofficial.wordpress.com/2014/11/18/song-lists-cocteau-twins/ https://kelvinhayesofficial.wordpress.com/2014/10/20/song-lists-the-blue-nile-2/ IRELAND were represented by U2 and Perry Blake as I didn’t have […]

The Hopper Season 20

Can it really be 20 years since I produced possibly my finest set of visual work. The Hopper Season commenced in May 1995 and eventually comprised 52 images drawn between then and December. In short the idea was if Edward Hopper had been alive in South Wales at that time, what would he have made […]

Song Lists: Perry Blake

And so to the Irish, St Patrick’s Day coming up, a good excuse for a Bailey’s Coffee if ever there was one, and to kick off.. the very under appreciated Perry Blake. Hailing from Yates country, he is a true sonic poet and like many of my faves has gone unnoticed in his home land. Here […]

Australia Day

Earlier this month I wrote about Back to the Future and that seems relevant to this post too. The choices that our parents make can affect us for life. I fancied Australia but my father opted for its neighbour. A decision I am still paying for in that, at the time of writing, a Kiwi […]