A Lyrical Oasis 20

April 1997 saw the release of my first book A Lyrical Oasis. Self published and with little promo, it sank without trace. Nonetheless, it will always be my first baby even if it was still born and remains pretty much a ghost in terms of release and sales. In 2009 I tried again with an […]

Process Not Product #5: Story

This is a nice one to end September on. Another of the books that has been in progress is a short story collection. Recently as part of the ‘Dating the Page’ project I’ve begun to scrutinise all the books I started years ago that have remained in a state of limbo. Some of the questions […]

Process Not Product #4: Test

It isn’t all about the book content, there is of course the artwork; what should go on the cover and in what colour? As noted previously the idea or concept of artwork usually comes quite early. Red Abyss (now known as House of Many Faces) has bucked this trend somewhat. In Taipei a few years’ […]

Process Not Product #1

For sometime there has been a new book in progress/production. Unusually this has no fixed title or cover design as yet – normally the starting points alongside that of documenting my location and life events. However it’s the very thing called life that has made progression inexorable. Teaching, the blog and everyday life take time, […]

Night Music: Not Quite Released

Bowie’s passing coupled with the 60 year low temps in the region of China I reside have vastly altered my course. And this is also the case with digital publishing. My attempts to announce NIGHT MUSIC as available online have faltered. Instead I can only portend my frustration at tech issues with both Amazon and Lulu. Alas the […]