Barcelona: Big Bubbles, No Troubles

*I began a very detailed diary of what’s been happening here in BCN then realised this may not be the right place for it. So have written something anew as follows… Barcelona twice in one year. Wow, I must be doing something right, while some get by on doing wrong and it’s that pitch between […]

Barcelona: Garden Recalled

The clock ticks forward; complex and constant, friend and foe. Andorra is caught between two countries and two towns. France and Spain, Toulouse and Barcelona. As the latter is my first international city I swing round for my third visit and after my night of purgatory at El Prat’s T2, knew just where to go. […]

Barcelona: In Search of Amber Glass

There was amber glass and I was running down a corridor, up and down, back and forth. Only years later did I find this was no dream but the amber glass in question belonged to our hotel; separating the cool grey interior to the heat of a Spanish spring day outside.┬áThat was in 1973, suffice […]