Even in the Quietest Moments: Songs for a Rainy Day

You might think this a strange topic for summer, but here in Asia the monsoon rains have already begun. If you find yourself stuck indoors, here are some tunes that will imbue the vista before you. And yes, you’ll be able to tell I’m of a certain ilk and age from this list. ALVA NOTO/RYUICHI […]

Approaching Polytown

Dusk and sand in my eyes. Intermittent views of distant twinkling lights. Polytown?

Which way to Polytown?

Distance to Polytown.. several days, maybe weeks. Compass glass broken, encrusted.. burnished by dust and sand.

Around the World in 20 Plays…

1RIO (ALBUM), DURAN DURAN Tel Aviv (the closer on their d├ębut), signalled things to come. The RIO album would in time become iconic of the 80s and it’s no secret the band at that point were heavily influenced by fellow British band Japan; check out John Taylor’s fretless bass on the hugely underrated Lonely in […]