Process Not Product #6: Screenshots

As mentioned previously, this year I’ve been busy piecing together the 30 year overview ‘Dating the Page.’ Despite much of it being existing material it is an expansive project and has proven very taxing to put together. It is the first time I’ve put imagery with my poems, many of which have been retouched for this […]

Process Not Product #5: Story

This is a nice one to end September on. Another of the books that has been in progress is a short story collection. Recently as part of the ‘Dating the Page’ project I’ve begun to scrutinise all the books I started years ago that have remained in a state of limbo. Some of the questions […]

Process Not Product #4: Test

It isn’t all about the book content, there is of course the artwork; what should go on the cover and in what colour? As noted previously the idea or concept of artwork usually comes quite early. Red Abyss (now known as House of Many Faces) has bucked this trend somewhat. In Taipei a few years’ […]

Process Not Product #3: Dating the Page

A year or so ago, I started gathering imagery for a possible 20th anniversary edition of my first book A Lyrical Oasis. However such is the guiding light of David Sylvian I thought wouldn’t it be good to do a book which isn’t your average compilation but also added drawings, photos and other stuff from my […]

Process Not Product #2: Titles

Titles are plentiful, so much so that I don’t know what to do with them all. Shifting Focus, System and Chance, Dating the Page, House of Many Faces and Auxiliary Machine are all mooted, it’s just a question of for what and when. Back in the day it was simple. Write a book usually as […]

Process Not Product #1

For sometime there has been a new book in progress/production. Unusually this has no fixed title or cover design as yet – normally the starting points alongside that of documenting my location and life events. However it’s the very thing called life that has made progression inexorable. Teaching, the blog and everyday life take time, […]