Nomad Unleashed!

The 10th anniversary edition of Nomad finally gets its release on Lulu – only 3 years late, stay tuned for more book activity in the new year. Advertisements

What happened to Travel?

As you can see the music writing is coming thick and fast at the moment, particularly with the colour-sound song lists taking up much of my time. Other than that, I teach English and Western Culture in China and as I’m the only writing teacher with 415 students, thinking up lesson plans and marking takes […]

Where in the World?

As it’s my 50th blog, it seemed a good time to assess where I’ve been and my wish list of things to come… So far I have been very fortunate to venture far and wide. I never take anything for granted and remain grateful for all I’ve seen. However, at the risk of sounding blasé, […]

Bruges: Number 11

Late afternoon is a good time to arrive in Bruges, at least when I arrive it is. A long June sun is glowing and even after an exhausting day travelling, the city feels fresh despite its medieval pedigree. I’m staying at the exclusive Number 11, perhaps a microcosm of Bruges in its attention to detail, […]

Why do people love Hong Kong?

Hong Kong calls itself Asia’s world city so why is it an urban nightmare dressed in grey? Every time I venture there it is overcast, and either misty or drizzly coupled with humidity or damp. Yet I appear to be the only one who isn’t celebrating the place. Worshipping it as a deity city in neon […]

Singapore: Writing from the Modern Past

RETAIL THERAPY Nowadays, there is almost nothing the shopping mall doesn’t throw at us, and it’s usually the Asian ones which are most flamboyant of all. Good news for those who like an architectural accoutrement to their retail/culinary experience. So if you’re thinking about venturing to the south-east Asian dynamo you need only know that […]