China: Frustrations and Fascinations

In my last blog I spoke about why I came to China and where I have been so far. This time I am looking at something else I mentioned before… the more frustrating side of life in China and of course the fascinating. As an expat we are of course often on a back footer, […]

Guangzhou: Night Poems and Idyllic Afternoons

Last year I put together a collection of old poems under the book banner NIGHT MUSIC. Not long ago in need of some exercise I set off into the night to capture what is in essence a Night Music of sorts, only this time utilising photography as its central focus. Perhaps night stories or night poems […]

Motherland/Fatherland: Celebrating the Chinese and German National Holidays

Wishing all my Chinese friends a happy and harmonious National Day and holiday. You can be sure that for me, travel won’t feature as anyone who has been resident in China or visited this vast country during a holiday period knows; travel is not advisable due to the swathes of people crowding all known transport […]

Guangzhou: OCE Cafe @ One Link Mall

Spread over three floors, OCE (Original Color Edition) takes its cue from what it calls the Nordic style but lets call it Scandinavian; clean, fresh, simple. It is not just a stylish clothes shop but also a cafe, bookseller and gallery located in one corner of One Link Mall; not Guangzhou’s biggest mall though perhaps […]

Guangzhou: The Food From UNCLE

Cheap eateries in the glittering wealth of far eastern cities are gold dust; think Saizeriya. As previously mentioned in another blog, my kitchen is the size of a shoebox, so I’ve been steadily building up places to dine. In recent months I’ve come across a place called UNCLE – why it’s called that I don’t […]

Culture: Playing Boule with the Chinese

Even within the grounds of the campus I live and work the Chinese night is a hive of frenetic activity with people jogging, kids riding bikes, canoodling students, you can even get a haircut at 10pm should you need. Over the last few months I’ve witnessed all manner of sports taking place: basketball, tennis, volleyball and […]

Guangzhou: Pale Yellow

In Hong Kong it’s tailors, in Guangzhou it’s Gym membership. A flock of youths in tee-shirts accost me on seemingly every street corner seeking a positive sign to get me pumping iron (or at my age fatigued aluminium). Alas it’s a doctrine I am even less enthused by than religion, still they continue thrusting their […]