Australia Day

Earlier this month I wrote about Back to the Future and that seems relevant to this post too. The choices that our parents make can affect us for life. I fancied Australia but my father opted for its neighbour. A decision I am still paying for in that, at the time of writing, a Kiwi […]

Culture: Back to the Future!

Not long ago, I was watching Back to the Future with my students which they of course loved, so much in fact, they insisted I play them the second part. I had completely forgotten that the long held fascination of the flying car, in this case the infamous DeLorean time machine, was flying into 2015! […]

Where in the World?

As it’s my 50th blog, it seemed a good time to assess where I’ve been and my wish list of things to come… So far I have been very fortunate to venture far and wide. I never take anything for granted and remain grateful for all I’ve seen. However, at the risk of sounding blasé, […]