The List: January

As promised, to celebrate my 50th year I’ll be posting (per month) some (anything and anyone I can remember) of the cultural shenanigans I’ve been fortunate to see, hear and visit (and those I want to visit) as well as national days. Note I have been unable to get dates for some of my intended […]

SPECIAL: Meeting Peter Kingsbery

It has been nearly 30 years’ since I took the plunge and purchased American band Cock Robin’s ‘First Love, Last Rites’ for £3 from what was then Our Price records in my, more or less, hometown of Newport. As regular readers will note from my other blogs I have written extensively about both Peter and […]

Cock Robin: Original Biography

Around the turn of this century I was working with All Music Guide writing music biographies and album reviews. Some of those pieces remain while others have been replaced. AMG has a rather strange modus operandi of paying another writer for a new biography even if there’s nothing wrong with the existing one, thus effectively […]

Cock Robin: My Childhood Crush Through a Middle Aged Windscreen

Like many of their eighties peers Cock Robin (and/or Peter Kingsbery) albums appear every five years or so. This one has taken a while to reach us via an aborted landing and continues in the vein of his 95-97 period plus Cock Robin’s post-millennial albums (see Analysis of a Reformation). In other words there’s something […]

Music: Keep Brand and Carry On

Recently events on opposite sides of the world have engulfed Facebook. Not a terrorist offence or a natural disaster but the old problems of the shock of the new, the band wreckers, and band brand. In short should bands continue under the same name with new singers? In Australia Boom Crash Opera have announced they […]