Farewell Queen of the Skies

Feeling very old and quite sad for the final long-haul flights of both Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand’s beautiful 747’s, nicknamed the Jumbo Jet or the Queen of the Skies. I never flew with Air NZ’s version though I did fly with CX on its LHR-HKG route (now taken over by the Boeing 777) […]

EVA AIR: Flying the Golden Route with Hello Kitty

There are several airlines plying the Taipei Hong Kong route, an air-lane so profitable, it’s colloquially known as the Golden Route. Operating it are among others: China Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Hong Kong Airlines with multiple timings per day and a multitude of code share options to boot. This is a similar distance to say […]

Remember That Flight? Every Airline I’ve Ever Flown With (so far…)

1 COURT LINE Luton – Barcelona – Luton. It was the 70s, and airlines were getting funky with their colour schemes. Across the pond America’s Braniff flew planes in anything from Orange to Olive. At home Court line opted to do similar, with 3 tone pink, green and in this case yellow/apricot and orange. It […]

What Happened to the World’s Favourite Airline?

Ordinarily I’d be excited about the ceremony of travelling to the airport and checking in for a flight. For me, Heathrow has and will always be, a magical place. It’s my first time travelling from Terminal 5 and despite all the bad press, the first time in 28 years I’ve elected to fly British Airways. […]

Across the Gulf of Thailand on Egypt Air’s flying carpet

While considering my options flying to Thailand – I thought about a stop over in Cairo but alas it was more expensive than the airline I eventually chose. Strangely when looking at airlines covering this trip the last one I expected to find was Egypt Air! Fast forward a few weeks and I’m back at […]

PIA: Bangkok to Hong Kong flight review

  While the country of Pakistan has had its fair share of bad press over the last decade, its airline is quite another story and one full of potential. I’ve never arrived at an airport without a ticket before, but there’s always a first time and this is it. Having ruled others out, there’s a […]