Hong Kong: In Search of Kai Tak

What is it about absence, the cult of something long since passed or a site that is no longer there that so enraptures the more inquisitive souls of our species. Is it nostalgia? A longing for a forgotten time and place. Or does this line of enquiry encroach on the more arcane worlds of ‘dark […]

A Lyrical Oasis 20

April 1997 saw the release of my first book A Lyrical Oasis. Self published and with little promo, it sank without trace. Nonetheless, it will always be my first baby even if it was still born and remains pretty much a ghost in terms of release and sales. In 2009 I tried again with an […]

Shenzhen: Making a Pig’s Ear of Spring

After kicking off the year with many visits to regional Guangdong it was time to re-aquaint myself with the one and only Shenzhen, the city that still holds a special place for me even though I’ve now lived longer in Guangzhou. This time I try something different which is to catch a bus. Having discovered the joys […]

Abbreviated Romantic

  And here is the more concise version, just the countries with no adjectives. AFRICA: ALGERIA – JJ72 Song of the same name by GNAWA DIFFUSION ANGOLA – CARL CRAIG AND PEPE BRADOCK Song of the same name by CESARIA EVORA and WAYNE SHORTER BENIN (nothing yet) BOTSWANA – ADJ BURKINA FASO – ATSUSHI YANO […]

The World is Romantic: Oceania

  Please see the introduction if you haven’t already. Alternatively read on… AUSTRALIA – KOALA Songs of the same name by GYROSCOPE, STEVE HOWE, JONAS BROTHERS, THE KINKS, MANIC STREET PREACHERS, MANGO and SHINS *The Manics song is neither atmospheric or about Australia but a namesake song nonetheless. BALLADEERS OF AUSTRALIA – SLIM DUSTY EVERY LITTLE […]

The World is Romantic: Europe

  Please see the introduction if you haven’t already. Alternatively read on… ALBANIA – GILDED YOUTH Song of the same name by JULIET JONESIN SYDAN ANDORRA – THE EAGLES (not the famed American band) *I had no idea there was a band from Bristol called The Eagles! ANDORRA STAR BLUES – CHRIS REA *Carabou’s album Andorra […]