Cardiff: The Meadow

If Bute Park is Cardiff’s Hyde or Central Park and Roath Park is its Regent’s Park, then the (unnamed) Meadow Walk is possibly its Hampstead Heath. And to think I only knew the north of Cardiff for its city train line but living up here these past few months has been a revelation. For the […]

Bristol: Return to a Place of Remembered Beauty

*As mentioned in my previous Bristol blog, the trip on May 23rd 2018 travelled Clifton to Bishopston, however for poetic licence I’m going to present it as was in the late eighties to mid nineties when this was a familiar route on my visits and where I ‘discovered’ Redland. Ideally a blog of this nature […]

Bristol: Brunel, Bridges and Bakeries

Something beginning with B? So far this year I’ve visited Bilbao, Biarritz, Barcelona, Brussels and Barry so Bristol more than follows suit and coincidentally it’s a sister city to my former home in Guangzhou. Unlike the others though, this is a city very well known to me. Like Cardiff and Newport I’ll be revisiting some […]

Barry: The Welsh Guernica

Barry like Newport suffers a little from negative perception and while it is definitely down to earth in its ‘take me as I am’ appearance, that is to say plenty of taxi and takeaway joints as I alight at Barry (believing it is the main station) the first thing that comes to mind is… Guernica! […]