Castello: East at Easter

If Tarragona is Spain’s Belgrade, Castello (or Castellon) caught between Barcelona and provincial capital Valencia is its Taichung with the tram (actually a trolley bus) having its own fancy stops in the central reservation. So the far east meets the east of Iberia. The (non)tram in question runs from the rather swanky university campus, over […]

Barcelona: Music from the Great Beyond

  Hey! Just wandering around the gorgeous and very cultural Gracia district and they have two cool record stores as well as a travel bookstore. The first store is called SURCO, which has been in existence 44 years and they had some nice new vinyl in stock from among others A-ha and David Sylvian. You […]

Barcelona: Nostalgia of Transport Past

Back in the big smoke and especially my favourite part of it, Horta to find its library running an exhibition of Barcelona transport from 1920 to 1975 (oddly no shots of Horta itself from what I could see). Going back to the Helsinki blog, taking a city as you find it, photography offers essential documentation […]

Travel: Where I’ve Stayed

2019 marks my 20th year of being ‘on the road.’ A Kerouac reference which follows on nicely from Lonesome Traveller which I used for Perry Blake‘s blog. Nowadays we are spoilt for choice between hostels, hotels, and now Air BnB, here’s a selection of places I’ve stayed over the last 20 years of independent travelling. At […]

Barcelona: Music for Libraries

*above photos from Nou Barris library Barcelona possesses some pretty swanky libraries and some great pieces which given time I’ll get round to listening to (obviously I know the debut Duran album above) but there’s much to bathe my ears in – time and decent headphones permitting. Here’s a quick rundown of the libraries I’ve […]