Cardiff: Transport Futurology

*This piece was originally written in July 2014 whilst still in China. I have since returned to Cardiff and was able to re-shoot some of the lost imagery as well as the revamped stations at Queen Street and Central. The words remain relevant as the South Wales metro region is set to be revitalised by […]

Now That’s What I Call Orientalism!

This originally started life as a lecture but as my students weren’t interested in anything older than they are or more specifically Adele, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga and ‘the soft music’ (e.g Westlife and The Carpenters) I’ll blog it instead. So, just what was it with the eighties and Orientalism? For some reason the eighties were […]

Cardiff: Kizuna Japan Design Exhibition

Having always had a thing for JAPAN (the country as well as the band) my timing back home could not have been better for the KIZUNA design exhibition at the National Museum. Kizuna meaning a bond or link between people relates to the relationship between Wales and Japan whose connections date back at least 400 […]

Cardiff: Parc Cefn Onn

Bearing in mind its location, you may think north Cardiff was not the best possible place for a park. No sooner have you entered the gate and ambled up the lane than you’re strolling beneath the M4 (motorway/freeway/autobahn). Memorable if nothing else for its neat mural and though hardly serene, somehow it all works as […]

Cardiff: Coed-y-Felin (Mill Wood)

While it isn’t too much of a treasure trove to write about, the Mill Wood (pronounced Koid-e-Velin in Welsh) did the job of providing an afternoons walk and eventually offered a pleasant surprise but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The Meadow of my last Cardiff blog is not too far away for […]

Warsaw: In Search of Mokotow

The fourth in the ‘in search of..’ blogs and I admit this one is a little brief in that there’s absolutely no trace of the former airport. It’s much more exciting when there is a remnant of its historical past present, be it a terminal, part of the runway or even a decaying aircraft. Some […]