Teaching English Abroad: Which Countries Require Notaries?

I’ve read many TESOL articles that make it sound like a rosy and easy job in which to see the world. The reason I myself signed up (if I’m honest). However, the rude awakening soon follows. Beware these eye-catching traps. ‘Teach English and Travel the World’ ‘FREE flight and apartment’ ‘Degree from any background’ Firstly, […]

Warsaw: New!

Brexit Britain was officially abandoned with one cool swipe of my passport at Euro Tunnel. In just over 35 minutes I’d be across or rather under the channel, home and dry yet far from out of the woods. Over a day rolling across just four countries is agonisingly slow by anyone’s standards until finally the […]

Cardiff: The Break-Up For Real

Do you ever get the feeling your life is nothing but a continuous loop of repeated patterns, deja-vu? Didn’t I do this before? Didn’t I go back to New Zealand, to Turkey, Taiwan? Was it any better? Umm… no. But let’s face it, even a year of subbing at schools is better than nothing in Planet […]

Icehouse: Over the Line – An Overview of the B Sides

Has an overview of the Icehouse B-side catalogue been attempted before? In the vastness of the Internet, it’s a possibility yet I can’t recall seeing one. Charting the adventurous curve of a career that as far as releases go spanned just over a decade is no mean feat as the singles carried almost as many […]