About YOU
About ME

About YOU
Are you articulate by nature? Do you like the idea of less is more?
When everyone is going on holiday to this years ‘buzz’ destination, are you more likely to be going in the opposite direction? Are you often called ‘difficult’ even though you really aren’t? Do you like nostalgia and the future? Do you like bands that are underrated and/or make intelligent music? Do you like esoteric things like cities, metro maps, record cover design, modern or minimalist architecture, abandoned airports, cafes, theme hotels, interesting museums, parks and libraries? Are you curious, cultured and well travelled or do you want to be? Well then this blog might be for you. Sure, I am presenting things, suggesting things but I not telling my intended audience they ‘must’ or ‘need’ to visit or place or buy an album that I am writing about. They are merely suggestions which I hope will inspire but again independence is key here.

About ME (short)
I am a creative and educator born in Wales and raised in both New Zealand and the UK. Educated in the visual arts I turned to writing in the nineties, composing books and contributing to print and online media mainly in the field of travel and music (you can view the list of MEDIA I’ve worked with opposite). I am an all round creative skilled in: design, photography and content as well as editing skills in words and pictures. In addition I’ve run a parallel career in education and taught Inter-Cultural Communications at university level in China. I have visited over 50 countries and 100 cities on 5 continents over 20 years travelling. I live and work globally.


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