SE: Still a Mystery

‘all writing is an act of improvisation on some level’
David Sylvian 

‘obsession is the thing that carries people forward creatively’
Brian Eno

SE is 10 years old this month and what to say about it. Well, it took a long time to write, about four years, longer than A Lyrical Oasis and that has twice as many poems!

Written in Cardiff and Oxford between 2005 and 2009 it was never intended to be a commercial project and in some ways hasn’t been! From the promo release…

Eventually I found myself with around 15 poems. Everything else was drawn from memory and fictitious flourishes, similar to the ‘Beats Per Minute’ book started co-incidentally at the same time. However, the body of work that was gathering had now taken a very different path. As is commonplace with art, the pieces with darker undertones became the stronger of the material. It had evolved into an entirely new territory not only speaking of traditional romantic fare {If I see you again} but also bordering on the obsessive and delusional, of jealousy, envy and facing our own personal demons or fears; being paralysed by raw beauty, its accompanying fear of rejection and consequently the aftermath of regret. Can you really miss seeing someone you don’t know? 


Here’s some screenshots from the Dating the Page book and above the cover and original flyer that went out in November 2009. Photo on The Protecting Veil by Robert Mann.





Thanks for reading here, should you be interested in my work; principally writing, photography, and teaching, check out the MEDIA page, and/or the UNIVERSITY page for my teaching ethos.

Meanwhile, stay tuned with things here via THE ATLAS or on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and 500px where you can see some of my photos from around the world.

The Protecting Veil was put to music by the Portuguese artist O Atlas.
Between Your Mama and Yourself – a-ha
*the title lent itself to the poem above.


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