Elche: Original Motion Picture

The world is littered with geographically close cities that in appearance and mood are worlds apart Newport and Cardiff, Bristol and Bath, Glasgow and Edinburgh, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, Copenhagen and Malmo. Some of those were visited pre-blog. However, in this case, it’s Alicante and Elche (or Elx if you give it its Valencian name). The latter is known for its Palms which we’ll get onto in a moment. I could have gone the other way to Benidorm but my mind said Elche. So here we are, in the greater scheme of things for a quick visit (then) approaching the Santa Semana (holy week of Easter).

So the first thing is those palms; visible right out of the train station (Parque as Elche has two) as is the extraordinary paintings flanking either side of the river (somehow stream seems more appropriate). Urban art? Yep, there’s some nice examples of that too (see below).

What else? For me constantly working on the move requires wifi so the library is a must and Elche possesses a rather nice one, annexed to the San Jose Church (middle row above). Like most libraries in this province it’s a bit lacking in plugs! The exhibition on my visit was all about American exploration.

But what about exploring the town? It’s a bonafide beauty with the blue dome of Basilica Santa Maria dominating the centre. You can also stop off at Cafe Victoria overlooking the river/stream whatever. Elche also prides itself on being multicultural note the poster above ‘one city, many cultures.’ A nice sentiment what with some of the world events in recent weeks. And that was pretty much it as I moved further inland, more on that coming up, as always stay tuned and thanks for your continued support.

*No playlist, that is to say no songs presented themselves to me.


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