Hola people, still here, still in Spain and still writing! Here’s a quick round up of current goings on…

MEDIA page updated with Case Studies.

A LYRICAL OASIS: Debut poetry book from 1997, completely revised artwork. Was issued earlier in 2019. Available on Big Cartel along with Year Amid Winter and Nomad.

HOUSE OF MANY FACES: Adventures in China and South East Asia. New travel biog, follow up to Year Amid Winter. At editing and design stage. Expected 2019/2020. *not the cover art above, just a type test image.

NEW BOOK: Being written in Spain, has a feel similar to Nomad, more info in due course.

DATING THE PAGE 1990-2020: 30 year overview of poems, artwork, photography and travel pre-dating A Lyrical Oasis to present. Expected 2021. *check out the earlier screen shots on this blog.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Currently editing the rest of the 2018 shots as well as the new ones taken in Spain. Always seeking exhibitions.

CULTURAL DEVELOPMENT: Journalism course under consideration. Also mid way through writing a review of another book (not mine) called Why Cities Look They Way They Do. Interesting and cultural food for thought.

TRAVEL: Planning countries 52-60 for 2019-2022. Also researching Offa’s Dyke and Camino de Santiago hikes.

SOCIAL: Over 20,000 visits to this blog. Thanks to all tuning in, the likes and comments.

Please consider sharing with like minded blogs.

Does anyone know of publishers that may be interested in my books?

Or galleries that may be interested in exhibiting my images?

If so, please get in touch. Appreciate your help and as always stay tuned!

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