Cardiff: Soundtrack to Rhiwbina Skies

For the past few months’ I’ve been resident at a friend’s in the rather salubrious confines of northern Cardiff (Rhiwbina pronounced something like Ree-biin-ah). Nothing too grand about said co-hab though (name omitted to protect the innocent or is it guilty?) In any case it’s safe to say my mate’s musical tastes are not exactly […]

Cock Robin: Original Biography

Around the turn of this century I was working with All Music Guide writing music biographies and album reviews. Some of those pieces remain while others have been replaced. AMG has a rather strange modus operandi of paying another writer for a new biography even if there’s nothing wrong with the existing one, thus effectively […]

Culture: Home Truths on Returning Home

*This piece is mostly aimed at someone of my age bracket (approaching middle age), for a twenty something the outlook may be different with a variety of help from a multitude of business sources or other agencies. The recent scandal with the Windrush generation has drawn attention to that particular clutch of immigrants but they […]