Xmas 2017

xmas 2017

Wishing all my friends, followers, students and associates a peaceful xmas, and harmonious 2018 – the year of the dog in China. Apparently it is bad luck to be there during your own zodiac year so that was another reason for my exit, though I do miss the Chinese. However for the moment they are temporarily replaced by their equally beguiling southern neighbours, the Vietnamese.

This year I have been lucky to see 17 new countries on three continents – a lot of which was unplanned or planned along the way. Difficult to believe when you consider that as a slightly pimply 17 year old playing INXS KICK on cassette, on a walkman on a Pontypool bound bus 30 years’ ago that a big adventure in those days was going on a day trip to Bristol!

Next year will as always be uncertain. Part of the fun is of course unraveling the maze. How do I deal with this challenge? How do I get out of it? It’ll most likely be quieter on the travel front; but this depends on other factors though I hope to hit my target of 50 countries kicking off with country 49 in Laos in January. What else? A move into the world of online teaching, and a lot of companies to pitch in travel, the arts and academia.

I also want to gain some ground on photography during the next year as I think my images, meaningless or not, should be gaining more attention than an archive on Flickr. Meanwhile I would like to thank those hitting the like button, sharing and above all investing their time, trust and interest in following me here and on Twitter. Stay safe, happy and remember a Kelvin is for life not just for Christmas 😉

2 thoughts on “Xmas 2017

  1. A dog, then, like me. (I’m a bulldog, since I’m a Taurus too.) I was just wondering whether that makes you my age, or 12 years younger or older. I’ve been so wrong at age-guessing before, so thank you for making it clear in the next paragraph. 🙂 That was a great year. I wish you another one just like it.

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