Hong Kong: In Search of Kai Tak

1-kai tak at night by ian woodrow 1998

Kai Tak, shortly before closure in 1998. Photo by Ian Woodrow.

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9 thoughts on “Hong Kong: In Search of Kai Tak

  1. The fact that one of the most fascinating airports in history vanished without so much of a small museum nor a detailed, worthy publication compelled me to build my own approximation of Kai Tak with the help of 3D drafting programs, plastic milling machines and a fair amount of elbow grease. By no means 100% accurate, due to limited time and more likely average at best model building skills and a lack of patience, it does however capture the spirit. It’s a full 1.5 meter wide diorama of sorts, and of course, a BA 747 is a permanent fixture at one of the parking bays.

    I grew up also eons ago glued to the window of my parents bedroom “plane spotting”, now I get to have a similar view right from my desk at work.

    When I read your article, it’s nice to see yet another person with fond memories of this airport. Well done and a thoroughly enjoyable read!

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